Work Packages

WP1 Project Management, Coordination and Risk Assessment
WP1 provides management and overall coordination of activities, planning and control. It ensures that objectives are met and represents the Project to the commission and the IST community.

WP2 Dissemination and Exploitation
Dissemination and promotion activities include design of the SmartGov logo, design of promotional material (brochures, leaflets, etc), elaboration of a Web site including promotion (e.g. subscription to search engines), preparation of a Multi-Media presentation (CD). At the scientific level, results will be disseminated by means of organising related workshops, presenting related material at seminars and conferences and by contributing to standardisation bodies and other international fora, if applicable.

WP3 State-of-the-Art and Current Situation at Public Authorities
This work package will review relevant State-of-the-Art and depict the current situation at the participating public authorities

WP4 User Requirements and System Specifications
The requirements of the users for the SmartGov platform will be defined. Requirements will be documented in the requirements catalogue and will be expressed in terms of systems objectives. They will be related to the levels of service, and the overall functionality. Based on the previously captured requirements the core functional architecture of the SmartGov platform will be formulated, critical issues concerning the interoperability between the platform modules will be identified and appropriate interfaces will be defined.

WP5 Development of SmartGov Knowledge-Based Core Components
This Workpackage will develop the low-level specifications of the knowledge-based core platform, the design and creation of the Services Knowledge Database and the implementation of the platform for the expression of the government domain knowledge. This work will be done taking into consideration the technology available and the new developments needed.

WP6 Development of SmartGov Applications and Services
Based on the specifications drawn for the SmartGov overall architecture, work will focus on the detailed specification of the SmartGov applications and services. The issues concerning integration with installed IT and third party systems will be addressed as well.The specifications drawn will be used in implementing the applications for the public sector developers to generate the end-user services.

WP7 SmartGov Process Models and Social Aspects
This workpackage will deal with organisational, business related and social aspects that become relevant when KM is introduced and deployed in the Public Sector. Based on a sufficiently detailed inspection and understanding of current processes, target models for new and rearranged roles and processes will elaborated. Considerations will include steps for introduction, support tasks during deployment and the maintenance of the SmartGov platform content.

WP8 Integration, Deployment and Trials Configuration
This work package will integrate the developed architecture and services to form the final SmartGov platform. A common repository of reports and software versions of these modules will be created. When all appropriate software modules have been installed and tested both individually and as a whole the SKDB will be populated and the respective e-services will be created and made available to the end-users. This work package will also set up the scenarios of the trials. These scenarios will be based on the users' needs produced by WP4.

WP9 Trials Evaluation
This workpackage focuses on the macro level uptake and use of the SmartGov tools and methods to support online transaction services in the pubic sector and on the social and economic impact of a more electronically interactive-style of public administration. Through performing the identified trials this WP will address the following two related questions:Does the SmartGov platform and services support the effective delivery in online public services?Do the SmartGov processes and models support the effective deployment and user-acceptance of the SmartGov technology?

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